What's in your New SLO Builders Exchange Health Benefits Plan?

As part of your new health plan, we have partnered with Kindly Human.
Employees can access resources, licensed counseling, tele-med care, and crisis support from one trusted location that they are comfortable navigating.

No additional charge for this benefit within the benefits plan offering.
      • With Kindly Human, employees are able to find someone to connect with who shares their       
        cultural and social context and has experienced something similar to what they are facing.
      • Their service is pre-clinical and based on humanistic needs to find support through connection.
      • By putting employee health and happiness first, organizations are able to better support and   
        understand their employees, and in-turn, foster a productive workplace. 

Preferred Advantage Benefits Plan

Please email us at [email protected] or contact our plan representative at 805-264-7705 to enroll your group today!


SLO County Builders Exchange has a teamed up with AMCN to offer our members a
special rate for this amazing program. 

Why Should I Join AMCN?

- Accidents Happen: If you experience a life-threatening injury, our network providers can provide swift transport to the nearest appropriate hospital.

- With Membership: If flown by an AMCN provider, our services are
100% covered, so you can recover without worry.

- Without Membership: The cost of emergency air transport can be significant, even with insurance.

Large Format Printing

SLOCBE Members get a reduced price on large format printing.